Sunday, April 10, 2016


We are in an area rich in historic and scenic wonders.  I made a bucket list of adventures that must be had before we leave southern Utah.  I have lovingly dragged (if there is such a thing) Elder Clinger along to visit almost all of them by now.  Below is a sampling.

On a "preparation day" (the weekly days set aside for shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc.) we will occasionally forgo housekeeping and take to the road.  There is no end to the wonders there are to discover!  This post will be pictures, pictures, pictures and brief explanations.

Rachel Judd Hamblin's grave in Santa Clara UT about  a mile from the home she and Jacob and Pricilla built and lived in.

The glitter pits where calcite for mortar and plaster for the tabernacle and temple was quarried; about 30 miles southeast of St. George near the airport.

Pipe Springs Fort in the AZ strip, once a farm and herding grounds and hide away for polygamist families on the run, now a state run Historic Park.

"Come Unto Me" at Spilsbury Mortuary on Bluff Street in St. George.  Wonderful depiction.

The local Dinosaur Museum.

Manning the booth at the Manti Pageant.

Beautiful Pine Valley where the pine wood was harvested for the temple and tabernacle.

Pioneer Park above the city by Dixie Ridge and a cave home used by pioneers before homes were built.

Ghost town, Grafton, where "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" was filmed.

Zion National Park.  Three Patriarchs and Weeping Rock.

We met the family at the newly opened Payson Temple.

Sandstone Quarry site where the slabs were quarried for the temple and tabernacle bricks.
Provo City Temple open house.

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.
 Jacob's Lake.

 Vermillion cliffs.

 Lee's Ferry Crossing.

 Lee's Backbone where pioneer wagons would approach the crossing.

 Very interesting rocks!
Navajo Bridge.

Indian Petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks at Parowan Gap.

Going up to and on the Tabernacle bell tower!  The world looks great from here! And this is just the beginning of adventures there are to explore in and around our mission!