Monday, September 28, 2015

Our International Multilingual Mission

Here's a glimpse at what this Temple Visitors' Center assignment is about.  When we have our assignment at the Visitors' Center (as opposed to the Historic Sites) I serve with the young Sisters in the main building that houses the Christus, God's Plan for His Family Exhibit, The Savior of the World Exhibit, movies, temple exhibits, etc.  The Senior Elders man the Annex, a smaller building close by that has exhibits about the history of the temple, by themselves.  Last week Elder Clinger and I were assigned to serve at the VC in the morning for 6 hours on a Monday. During that morning we were visited by 8 busloads of tourists from France, Italy and Germany.  They took with them 20 copies of The Book of Mormon in 3 different languages. Last year we gave away over 6600 copies of the Book of Mormon in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Hungarian, Tongan, Samoan, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog,  and so many others I can't name them all!  Who would have guessed that St. George was a multilingual, international mission that had 36 people on date for baptism last month! At our 4 sites, the VC, Brigham's, Jacob's and the Tabernacle, last year over 317, 000 of our Heavenly Father's children were exposed to gospel precepts, many of them having life-changing experiences.  What an amazing blessing it is to be a part of these miracles!  

The Visitors' Center Tour Log yesterday from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  The highlight means, "A bus!!"

 A bus with French tourists

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