Sunday, November 22, 2015

So Much to Say

I will try to highlight the last few weeks in pictures.  They are worth thousands of words!  On November 6 we had a surprise visit from a celebrity.  He spoke at Zone Meeting and his testimony was as powerful as his music.

Yup.  Recently Returned Missionary David Archeleta.  He was in town to do a concert at the Tuacahn outdoor theater.  One of the many perks that have come with this amazing mission! He spoke of miracles that come when we invite others to come to Christ.  He sang "I Believe in Christ" and "Come, Come Ye Saints", a cappella.  It was thrilling.  

Elder and Sister Gifford from Ogden left for home, and Elder and Sister Danguy from Lyon, France and Sister and Elder Hancock from Seattle Washington joined our ranks.  It is always bitter sweet when we say goodbye to our fellows.  They impact our mission experience so much.  
Our new mission friends are always amazing though.  The Danguys have brought the most beautiful spirit with them and are learning English with incredible speed, and the Hancocks are the founders of a charitable organization called MamasHands.  Google it.  You will be impressed by the caliber of people the Lord calls on missions.

Remember the busses we get from France? Hence--the Danguys are here.  The bus season is over now though.  But I had to include a final picture that stresses just how much the bus tourists flock to our Visitors' Center.

You may not be able to see them all but there were five at one time that day!

A tidbit from the Brigham Young Winter home: here's our famous Mulberry tree.  It is over 150 years old and in the National Registry of Historic Trees.  See the inscription?  Tree surgeons saved it's life in 1972, on Valentines Day as a matter of fact, by cementing in a turn buckle that goes clear through the tree on either side and by surrounding the branches with cable because it was splitting.  Now it will probably live another 150 years.  Brigham could have sat with grandchildren under it.  It's a landmark and one of the favorite spots on the property.

It's also a symbol of the atonement to me.   As we allow the Savior to heal, repair and shore up our weakness, we become stronger that we were.   His love makes us whole.  

One of the series of paintings depicting the Saviors pre, post, and mortal life, in the basement of the Tabernacle.  Another wonderful exhibit to see when you come.  I hope you are all coming soon.  We would LOVE a visit! And finally, some farewell shots of some of our amazing Sisters at the VC.  They play with my camera when I am not looking!

 They are not only adorable and smart and beautiful and darling but spiritual powerhouses!  How blessed we are to be working with them.

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