Monday, August 24, 2015

Articles and Tabernacle Events

To say that today was quiet at the Jacob Hamblin home is an understatement.  Kids are all back in school, temperatures are 108+, and it was Monday: the makings of an opportunity to get a lot of reading done--or--write my newspaper articles, which is what I did!  I get to spread the news to the community about events at the Historic St. George Tabernacle.  Yes, that's part of this mission and one of my assignments.  Do you see the hand of the Lord here?  I spent 7 years working in Stake Public Relations before our mission--2 of those as a media specialist.  I was amazed I was given this media assignment on the mission.  No one here knew I had done that, except the Lord. I am counting my blessings.  So today I wrote about a Saturday organ recital, a Friday evening motivational speaker and a Wednesday concert. I'll submit them to a dozen or so media outlets to be published two weeks from now.  It's fun and a kick to see the articles show up in the newspapers.  We, the Visitors' Center Senior Missionaries,  are starting a new concert and lecture series that will begin in September and run through April of next year called "Why I Believe" and have commitments from some well-known names to participate: Sheri Dew, Elaine Dalton, Jon Schmidt (The Piano Guys), Merrill Osmond, Mark Eubank, Southern Utah Heritage Choir and Elder Gary Coleman to name a few.  The objective is "to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ, build testimonies, and increase missionary opportunities." They will be SRO (standing room only) events.  I feel so blessed to be here and share in these wonderful opportunities.
   Beth, during a visit, playing the Tabernacle pipe organ and Emma enthralled with the sound.

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