Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Starting My Blog on a Busy Day

Finally!  I've begun the blog! It's about time! :  )

Tabernacle Clock Tower
I am so thankful for a daughter and friends who have helped me to start a blog about our mission.   We will have been in the St George Utah Mission for 9 months of our 18 month commitment come August 10, 2015.  Better late than never?!  Our special assignment is the St. George Temple Visitors' Center and Church Historic Sites.  So many wonderful things have happened and maybe I will be able to revisit some of them but I felt it best to begin where I am now. 

This mission has been so enlightening and uplifting, I often ask myself, "Where's the sacrifice?"  Then we have days like today and I remember!  After a busy morning working on Tabernacle event articles for the local newspaper and music for an upcoming Visitors' Center program, Elder Clinger and I spent 5 hours speaking non-stop with more than 140 people touring the Brigham Young  house.  That's a long time to be on your feet, going up and down stairs, without a break for food or bathroom for us seniors!  But we did it!  We felt like a fellow senior missionary, Sister Susan Easton Black Durrant, who described days like this as: "Don't call the ambulance, call the morgue!" But the sentiments that have stayed with me and fill my heart now are the love we felt for the amazing people we met, the awe over stories some shared of their pioneer ancestors, and the joy we had in being able to share the gospel with interested friends of the church who took copies of the Book of Mormon home with them.  It's a great life!

Brigham's front door.  Welcome!

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