Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vacated Visitors' Center

It started with taking down the Christmas decorations. That was easy.  But a 6--8 week remodel of the Temple Visitors' Center started on the 4th of January and that required a bit more taking down.  The missionaries were in charge of clearing out anything we wanted to keep--copies of the Book of Mormon in 77 languages, office equipment, literature we use at the historic sites, all pictures on the walls, anything in closets, drawers and back rooms.  It all had to get tucked into nooks and crannies  at the historic sites before the work crew came in to strip floors walls, bathrooms and take down several displays.  We are losing The Savior of the World display along with the Book of Mormon display table.  The Family History desk is going and so is a mail and storage room.  We will have another teaching center instead!  Yay!  More opportunity to teach the gospel!  The workers said it is just one of 4 VC's they are doing in an 8 month period.  They just finished Mesa AZ,  then on to Oakland CA, and Honolulu HI after us.  Some before and after pictures below:

I undecorated the bottom of the Why I Believe Tree
Sisters Schnieder and Banda did the top.
Sisters Ercanbrack and Cleverly deal with the center pieces.

What the Christus room looks like now
Gutted Book of Mormon display
Former Savior of the World display

Former Book of Mormon Display
With the Visitors' Center out of commission we don't get a vacation.  We serve at the Annex on VC shift days. It's a small room just north of the VC that highlights the building of the temple.  Senior Elders used to work there alone but now the Sisters join their husbands for  the 4 to 6 hour shift. 
I love to bear testimony of the temple, the house of God.  
The Annex with Christmas lights

Oh, come let us adore Him at the temple.

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