Monday, February 15, 2016

Friends, Old and New

Yesterday, Friday the 12th, was a typical St. George Utah Temple Visitors' Center and Historical Sites Mission day so I'll describe it.  Personal study at 6:30 am, companionship study at 7:30 am, open the Brigham Young winter home by 8:50 am, greet guests and teach them about the history and the home and the restored gospel of Christ until the next couple comes to replace us at 1:00 pm.

We had a delightful diversion that morning--there is usually something unusual to experience each day.   A local dentist/grapevine expert comes each year to prune the grapevines at the Brigham home and at the Hamblin home.  Tom Robinson and another Senior couple, Elder and Sister Hadfield were there pruning away when we arrived.  Tom gave me a mallet--not a hammer but a shoot from the vine that was cut for re-planting.   It'll go back in the garden.  I was enthralled as Tom removed vine after vine, pruning mercilessly.  It was necessary for the well being of the old plant and the new ones next to it. He knew exactly what was best to remove and to keep.   Just like the Lord does with us.  Heavenly Father is the master gardener and He prunes and purges for the wellbeing of His children.  If only we were as submissive as the grapevine.

That afternoon we attended the temple. Afterwards I emailed guests who I have started gospel conversations with.  One is a Lutheran Seminary student who keeps me on my toes with doctrinal questions. I'm glad that he's asking.

That night I had assignments to conduct the music and read the script for the I Am a Mormon video we showed at the Tabernacle Why I Believe Fireside.  The video was about Ceclie Pelouse, spoken in French.  I read the English translation as we showed the video to an audience of about 600.  They were there to hear T. C. Christensen speak.  He is the director, writer and cinematographer for many LDS themed movies such as Forever Strong, The Testaments, 17 Miracles, all the really good ones.

All in all an inspiring day.  So many outstanding people come into our lives as we serve here--friends, new and old, missionaries we serve with, celebrities, seekers of truth.  They serve us and we, them.  That's what this and every mission is about--sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed as we serve where ever the Lord plants us.  I feel truly blessed.
Elder and Sister Hadfield
Tom Robinson and the mallet
Elder Clinger and guests at the Brigham Young Winter Home
The House of the Lord
Filmmaker T. C. Christensen, Tab frieside, Feb. 12
Artist Julie Rogers--Tab frieside, Feb. 5, 2016
    One of her pieces--"Determination"

The Douglas 50th Anniversary Party in Vegas, Jan. 30th
We say good bye to the Fullers and Burts
Brett and Connor, children of Frank Corbin, old Westminster friend, visit the annex
One of 6 different monthly meetings, the Tabernacle Committee, Burts, Clingers, Dooleys, Rasmussens, Elders Ercanbrack and Cleverly (taking the picture) Feb. 1

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